Maria Miri Domark The World’s Hottest Soldier Today


Look at this woman Maria Miri Domark the “World’s Hottest Soldier” Today.

Women are often stereotyped as someone who should stay at home and learn all kinds of chores in order to be a good mother and wife someday. Even if they chose to work outside home,they were given light tasks as they are often perceived as weak.

But nowadays, women have proven that despite being stereotyped as weak and soft, they could also be equally strong and brave like men. Just like this drop-dead gorgeous model who is taking the social media on fire and gaining netizens applause after realizing what she has done before landing some modelling jobs.
World’s Hottest Soldier

21-year-old Maria Miri Domark is now being tagged by netizens as the “world’s hottest soldier alive”. Yup, you read that right, this very sexy and beautiful lady is a member of the Israel Defense Forces.

Prior to landing to the magazine cover and fashion runways, this Israeli model once held an M-16 rifle as a part of her country’s mandatory military service for all women ages 18 to 26.

Worlds Hottest Soldier

The Worlds Hottest Soldier

Maria’s gorgeousness and unique charisma boosted her modelling career. Currently, she is a part of a modelling agency called Yuli Group and has graced different magazines, website, and other advertisements wearing designer clothes and bikinis.

Despite her busy schedule, Maria would often find time to pose for her photographer friends and manages to fullfil her military duties at the same time.

The World’s Hottest Soldier

With her Barbie-like figure and features, and unbelievable love for her country, there is no doubt how she has captured the hearts of her almost 800,000 Instagram followers.

And just like any other millennial, Maria also enjoys the music of Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood and also loves watching cartoons and horror movies.

I know men readers are wondering if she is single and ready to mingle… Well, looks like you can all just be left staring as Maria would often post intimate photos with someone in her social media accounts.

See her other photos below:

The-World’s Hottest Soldier

Maria Miri Domark The Worlds Hottest Soldier

Maria Miri Domark Magazine Cover

Just Maria Miri Domark

The Worlds Hottest Soldier Maria Miri Domark

One of The Worlds Hottest Soldier Maria Miri Domark

Source: Elitereaders via: urdailyjournal

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